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The Cannibal Café is one of Commercial Drive’s newest restaurants,
serving up hand ground Beef Burgers and Authentic Milkshakes
in a nostalgic, rockin’, diner-esque environment!

The Cannibal Cafe grinds 3 cuts of British Columbia Certified Organic beef;  Brisket for it’s flavour, Short Rib for it’s rich marbling and Chuck, ’cause he’s a nice guy. The meat is hand ground daily in house to very specific standards then cooked to perfection!

Open 7 days a week, we are located on Commercial Drive, serving up the freshest and tastiest burgers to come to this neighbourhood. Try one of our House Specialty Burgers, or build your own with our Build Your Own Burger. Don’t forget to check out our Daily Specials!

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Commercial Drive’s Best Burgers and Milkshakes!

Dine Out Vancouver at The Cannibal Café!

Once again we’re excited to take part in the Dine Out Vancouver Festival this year! Starting January 16 thru Feb 1st we’ll be offering a $18 Three course menu designed to give you a sample of what we offer here at The Cannibal Cafe! Book your reservations NOW to ensure you get a taste!

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NKOTB: Vancouver: The Cannibal Café on Commercial Drive

Browse the wall of Vancouver vintage event posters, from Ice T to The Violent Femmes, while you dig into the juiciest of burgers cooked to order. Don’t forget to order yourself a milkshake to really make the most of the experience. Keep your eye out for special events too, like Saturday night movie screenings – recent flicks have included cult classic Barbarella and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – ah the 90′s.

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Open wide for burgers at Commercial Drive’s Cannibal Café

Rest easy: assuming that Jeffrey Dahmer’s first cousin isn’t on dish-pit duty, the chances of you becoming the special of the day are pretty much slim to none. And with the menu weighted toward good, old-fashioned hand-ground beef burgers, it’s highly unlikely you’ll end up sitting there going, “Well, I’d sure like to know what the hell this is I’m chewing…

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: More Verbose Than A Tweet Can Hold, Bits’n’Bites, Thoughts & Likes

Stumbled upon this great cafe on Commercial Drive, checking out an art gallery (next store). Got hungry for a burger, imagine that. I’m a Punk Rock Kid @Heart so this place made me feel right at home. Love it. The music was perfect for G Who Cannot Sit Still Ever, knew and loved every tune, bounced heartily in my booth while surveying the room and waiting for food. The walls are covered in posters from gigs that Mr. Big and I both remember, in spite of senility settling in :) What was I saying? Why am I here? Hmmm… Oh! I know! The Burgers are to die for! Better not let Wimpy know about this place, they’ll never get rid of him. The fries come served in a cute little deep fry basket, fresh made bits of crispy goodness, especially liberally doused with vinegar. Go ahead, order Poutine instead. Dark, delicious, beefy gravy. Shakes, you betcha’. I’m trying one next time we go. Deep fried pickles! Trying those next time, too. Beer comes served in chubby jam jars, again – love it. The House Pale Ale, forget what it was called, senility… remember… hmmm….. Blue sumthin’, anyway. Really good match with that yummy cheesy, bacon burger. Did I mention how great the guys working there are? Really good service, Mr. Big and I give this place 2 thumbs up. You gotta’ check it out!

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I came here last night and had a burger with a side of onion rings and they were honestly the most amazing onion rings I’ve ever eaten. I love onion rings and I’ve never had any that were near as good as yours. The onions were perfectly cooked and the herb batter was incredibly delicious. The burger was really good too, don’t get me wrong, but man those onion rings. I can’t wait to come back. Thank you!!

Gabby, Vancouver


Gorgeous bar, sleek and clean atmo and concert posters from the 90’s heyday of Vancouver indie rock from forgotten venues like The Town Pump and The Hungry Eye; my power pop/punk trio played all of them and the walls at The Cannibal Cafe spoke volumes to me. Natch, the dinner’s soundtrack was full of Ramones, Pistols and the like while two discrete monitors rolled out silent versions of B-movie classics. Ironically, as my belly expanded, we watched The Incredible Shrinking Man. No danger of that happening to burger fans at Cannibal. The burger patty(s), your choice of (2) 3 ounce or (1) 6 ounce are grilled perfection. There are a few menu house creations but burgermeisters will know how to build their own. Pair the sandwich with tasty fries, poutine (delicious gravy) or battered onion rings. If you feel like a beer instead of a milkshake,The Cannibal Cafe’s got you covered. The list is a small and select pairing of appropriate brews. The Kronebourg Blanc was exquisitely refreshing. The two of us got out of Cannibal better than alive, with less than 50 bucks gone from the evening’s entertainment budget. The whole experience rocked significantly.

Cal Koat

AWESOME THING WE ATE #907 | Smoked Gouda Bacon Burger At The Cannibal Cafe

The best burger I’ve had since Mamie Taylor’s was recently wolfed at The Cannibal Cafe on Commercial Drive. They invite diners to build their own, and mine was a beast

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WELCOME | The Cannibal Cafe On The Drive Has Joined The Growing Scout Community

We’ve invited The Cannibal Cafe on Commercial Drive to join our GOODS section as a recommended place to chill and knock back a burger with a beer.

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